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Most men do not admit to the desires they have in a relationship because they are shy or feel like its driving them further from their goal compared to remaining silent and let things flow.  Here is a list of Top 7 things that men SECRETLY crave for in a relationship:

  1. Recognise his value and offer respect.

Men love it when you trigger his Hero instinct by having frequent comments and let him do the things, he can do for you. Ladies tend to think they are a bother to men especially when they request for favors to sort out what may seem trivial. Contrary to that belief, men enjoy serving their ladies as long as it does not become a norm and requests are kept at minimum, with spontaneity and the appropriate environment.

2. Let him chase you.

Men love the chase. They want to be the one to text you first and call you all sweet names change notwithstanding. Let your life keep on while you still give them the attention and go ahead keep on his chase. Go for dates and picnics but do not insinuate that he does not have to chase you or pursue you. Live your best life even in dating and do not force things.

3. Sexual diversity.

Sex is inevitable while talking about what both parties want in a relationship. Men would love to see you in colorful and sexy lingerie. They would also love to be explored so that you understand what they love at the same time give them room to explore your body too. Give yourself room to try new sex positions too. Light things up in the bedroom.

4. Give him space.

 In the past, women would gang all up with their fellow women and make stories or gossip while men will go out with fellow men on drinking sprees and what makes them happy. Nowadays, women are too insecure that they want to follow their men to the car wash and garage. That is choking him with your presence. Let him meet up with friends and have a good time. Let him have his life aside the relationship. This bring us to the next thing men would love to have.

5. Trust him.

It is kind of contradictory to what other people say: that you should not put all your trust but look at it this way. Would you trust someone that does not trust you? Exactly. Talk to him and show him that you trust him and giving him space is one of the things that will show him that you trust him. This way he will feel free to share out things and be comfortable around you.

6. Initiate things SOMETIMES.

I am quite sure we would not feel good to keep starting conversations, discussions, phone calls, texts, kisses or even sex. That is what he feels too. Letting him be the initiator will have him feeling like he is trying too much and that will push him away. He might not tell you but sometimes he will need you to spark things up by initiating some activities.

7. Stay independent.

We stated earlier that we should ask for few favors here and there and that’s right. Although, if there are things you could do by yourself before you met him, keep doing them by yourself unless he asks to lend a hand.

Men also like to understand sincerely what you are mad about. Women have a tendency to get mad and say they will be okay. No! Be sincere with what you are mad about and make him understand.

There are other things men would want to experience in the relationship and it is up to the woman to observe him and learn the things he loves.

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