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Ruto is the King of Rift Valley – Herman Manyora

Speaking during the JKLive show on Citizen TV, Manyora stated that it would be hard to dethrone the DP as the king of the Rift valley.

“Ruto is the king of the Rift Valley, if people were to die to put him in power, there are thousands of people willing to die for William Ruto from the Rift Valley,” Manyora claimed.

Political analyst Herman Manyora

The analyst further stated that Ruto needed to maintain his political presence to avoid being overtaken by Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

“By 2021, if the script works, the people in the Rift Valley will be beginning to have question marks and at that time Gideon Kipsiele Moi, with now the rungu ya Nyayo, will begin to activate networks left behind by his father Daniel Toroitich arap Moi and he will give William Samoei Ruto a run for his money.

“People are attracted to power and if Gideon will be the one who assures them of power, they might begin to follow him,” he continued.

In addition, Manyora stated that Gideon receiving his late father’s rungu during the burial ceremony was scripted.

“That moment was definitely scripted and deliberate and it must have been painful for the DP such as Mudavadi went through when Moi finally told the country that Uhuru would succeed him.

“The humility with which Gideon Moi took the rungu is something we have not seen in this country. It leaves no doubt that Gideon is a man to watch in Kenya’s politics. There could be a scheme to have Gideon as president in 2027,” Manyora added.

On Wednesday, February 12, Raymond Moi, the eldest son to late president Daniel arap Moi, handed the families priceless heirloom to his younger brother.

“In terms of seniority and so forth, I am the leader of this family but in terms of politics, let me ask Gideon to come over,” he announced when it was time to pass the late president’s famous rungu.

The late president used to carry his symbolic rungu everywhere, only leaving it behind when he went to church. It remains to be seen whether his son will also follow in his footsteps.

An emotional Gideon thanked his entire family for the priceless gift and vowed to do his best to fill the huge shoes left by the enigmatic Moi, adding that he would ensure that the family name rose to higher heights.

Gideon Moi (l) examines his late father’s rungu which was handed to him by his brother Raymond Moi (r).

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