E-commerce has become the household name in Kenya especially with the emergence of COVID -19 which has disrupted normal business operations. The convenience that comes with E-commerce brings great influence on people living in urban areas, the modern woman notwithstanding. Scarlet Kenya conducted a survey on 26th April 2021 to 28th April 2021 in Kenyan urban areas targeting ladies aged 24 – 27 years to understand their market choices and dynamics

The study scales zeroed into millennial generation women, who are considered professional online shoppers. This baseline survey intends to understand the lifestyle, needs, wants, and aspirations of the average 26-year-old lady living in an urban area with access to electricity, and high speed internet. Even with the limited opportunities in Kenya, the millennial woman is highly educated and is joining the workforce in abundance.

The influencer trend, in the context of COVID-19, provides new marketing techniques to engage with consumers using various social media platforms to run campaigns and live-stream shows. This trend is expected to become more popular across all industries despite the attempts by government to open up the economy.

The data was collected from a sample of 100 modern ladies across Kenya. The findings manifest the lifestyle of a modern 26- year old exhibiting what captures their attention and how they spend their time, In particular the report highlights the ladies information interests, and purchasing behavior. Access the complete report findings and recommendations just by the click of Get Full Report

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  1. You never fail to deliver. Well done. How about widening that gap a little bit say 27 to 45. Why? Because some of us are looking for our ideal personas within that age bracket.

    You are amazing. Keep it coming

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