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6 Tips to Running A Successful Grocery Store in Kenya

Groceries are the fastest moving products in the market today. With counterfeit food products like sewage grown vegetables taking over the food industry, customers have become skeptical about what goes into their plate.

Consumers want constant douses of organic vegetables with a traditional taste. Have you noticed most city home owners have their own kitchen garden? Truly no one wants to jeopardize their health by eating the wrong vegetables.

As such, you need to meet the high standards set by customers as a prospective grocery entrepreneur. Below are some of the tips to start a successful grocery shop in Kenya.

  1. Strategic Shop Location

I know you have wondered why mama mboga sets her kibanda on the roadside, near a bus stop. The first step to a successful grocery store is a retail space with sufficient visibility and high human traffic.

Come up with a decent display plan to help you organize your vegetables in an attractive manner. A well-organized space not only attracts customers but also makes your products more appealing.

2. Sufficient Parking Space

Preferably, rent a commercial space with ample parking. There are no customers who wish to hustle for a parking slot in order to pick groceries. The convenience brought by this will see traffic increase to your shop in no time.

3. Get the right Suppliers

Let me tell you a secret, suppliers have an unseen power to kill or make your business. Preferably, you should look for a supplier who grows the farm produce. This way you’re assured of the source of the products you’re selling.

Partnering with the farmers directly will not only reward their hard work but also help you foster integrity with your customers. Collaborate with 5 – 10 farmers to ensure constant supply of produce. I understand that brokers are a shortcut to constant produce supply but they are also a sure way to run you out of business.

4. Stock Fresh Produce

To build a community of loyal customers, stock fresh produce on daily basis. Fresh vegetables will help you build a great reputation among your customers. With your proven efficiency, customers will keep coming back for more on daily basis.

5. Friendly Employees

Attitude is everything in business. It’s true that sometimes the customer is wrong but you need an employee who is patient enough not to lash out at an irritable customer. Infact, get your employees branded t-shirts to boost your grocery store identity. The t-shirt will serve as a reminder that they carry the store’s reputation in their hands.

6. Clean Space

Dealing with foodstuff requires utmost hygiene standards. Clean your space after every 2 or 3 hours to avoid harboring dirt. Afterall even the holy book reminds us that cleanliness is closer to godliness!

Running a successful business can be a challenge. However, if you follow these tips, you are assured of profits ranging from Ksh 50,000 – 200,000 depending on the size of your enterprise.

by reporter

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